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With proven records of our client's success stories, it is our turn to show what
Delman Data Lab can deliver.

Telecom Industry

Our Client had difficulties identifying customer segments and tracking customer behaviors. There are a lot of manual efforts and prolonged data requests between divisions. With Delman Data Lab, we build a data pipeline to integrate cross-division data and predict customer behavior 10x faster.


  • 5x Faster Data Pipeline Prototyping
  • Created Key Metrics For B2B Sales Dashboard
  • Optimized Internal Resource to Predict Customer Behaviour
  • Generated Relevant Leads for Each Sales Division

Automotive Industry

Delman Data Lab implemented all the data pipeline, development, and warehousing system to make an integrated data ecosystem within their infrastructure.


  • Created Customer’s 360 View
  • 10x Faster Implementation
  • Collaborated and Integrated Data


Delman Data Lab automated all data administering processes from one data source to a customized viz-tool as the middleman. Delman Data Lab simplified integration and synchronized newly transformed data with a configurable schedule.


  • 40% Cost Reduction
  • Manpower Efficiency
  • 10x Faster Data Administration

Logistic Tech

Delman Data Lab automated all data integration processes, including the data pipeline creation and data export for visualization, as the solutions to data warehouse maintenance problems due to business growth.


  • 15 GB Data Processed Monthly
  • Operational Cost Efficiency
  • Streamlined and Automated Data Processing

Instant Rewards App

Without a proper data management system to integrate various data sources, our client found it difficult to create spot-on business reports. Fortunately, Delman Data Lab has successfully provided feasible solutions to support our client's growth.


  • User-Friendly and Accurate Business Reports
  • New Data Lake and Data Pipeline
  • 2-modes modules
  • Standardized Data Sets for Veracity

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Delman Data Lab, big data warehouse solution in one flexible hybrid cloud ecosystem

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