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How does it work?


Connect and unify your data from a combination of files, databases and apps, just with a few clicks.


Clean, combine, match and cluster your raw data with our powerful, built-in wizards, with little to no technical knowledge.


Smart data validation and monitoring for various business KPIs and deliverables - all in automated manners.

What we do at


Mandala is a data platform to integrate multiple data sources in one place, process the data together, then export or visualize the data in one place. Mandala is built so that people with a little to none technical skill are able to harness the power to process the data.


Data is an asset for a business in the digital era. It can give insights on how the business is performing and what the future potentials would be.

The amount of data produced and consumed by a business is growing at an exponential rate. We, at Delman, can support businesses in finding and implementing the right Data Management solution for you.

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Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Ministry of Finance

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Shown significant results in the past engagements

Trusted by our partners to work with their most significant clients

Delivered solutions that solves problem, not just technology

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We are a company located in Indonesia, specialized in data management. As a company we are providing a product and a consulting service

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