How it Works


Manage data.

Discover insights.

Get the best values from raw data.

How it works?

We simplify the steps to obtain key business values out of your tangled data


Connect and unify your data from a combination of files, databases and apps, with just a few clicks


Swiftly clean, combine, match and cluster your data with little to no technical knowledge


Smart data validation to help you utilize your data for relevant business KPIs, equipped with automated scheduling and monitoring


Discover how we drive businesses forward

Government Body and Township

Accelerate the advancements of public quality and safety by integrating siloed data across all governmental bodies in Indonesia

Banking and Financial Industries

Securely utilize sensitive data across all channels to improve risk management models and enhance general customer experience

Retail and Manufacturing

Optimize end-to-end supply chain operations and uncover trends or other customer-driven insights from transactional data

These bright fellows trust us

Data Engineering consulting

Codeveloped data intensive apps

Governmental cases and projects

We are here for you

Our product will help experts to process data easily

Analytics Executives

Enable your teams to work with more data, faster -- thus improving strategic business decisions

IT Leaders

Curate information for people who know the data best, while ensures security and compliance

Data Engineers & Analysts

Work faster and smarter with a platform that removes bottlenecks and encourages collaboration