A simple, powerful and collaborative data management system to supercharge your data infrastructure.

Product Overview


Accessing your data can never be simple enough; everything is just a single click away.


Work seamlessly together with your team by sharing resources from datasets to dashboards.


From building data pipelines, exploring datasets and processing your data: everything without writing a single line of code.

Plug and Play

We are integrated with world most popular database platform with more to come.

Core Capabilities

Mandala allows you to bring in multiple datasets from various sources into a single collaborative project.

Product Pricing



1 user per account

Individual workspace

Up to 3 projects, 7 Nodes, and 3 data source per user

No Access to advanced resource and features

Rp. 0



Up to 5 users per company

Collaborative workspace

Up to 5 projects, 20 Nodes, and 5 data source per user

Limited to advanced resource and features

Rp. 30.000.000 /year

or 1 month plan for Rp. 3.000.000 /month


SaaS and On-Premise

Unlimited User Access

Collaborative workspace

Unlimited projects, nodes, data source

Full access to advanced resource and features

Tailored Solutions

Full Data Health Check up and consultation

Maintenance and support

Data Strategy

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We are a company located in Indonesia, specialized in data management. As a company we are providing a product and a consulting service

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