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Delman Data Lab?


Delman Data Lab is a data platform where you can integrate and process multiple data sources and then export or visualize the data all in one place.

Delman Data Lab is built so that people with little to no technical skill can harness the power to process the data.


Data Integration

Delman Data Lab enables you to connect multiple datasets from various sources such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, OracleDB, S3, and BigQuery into a single collaborative project.

big data integration from multiple connectors in one dashboard

Data Processing

Seamlessly reorganize and manage your data. Generate robust and spot-on analysis with valid, proofread data sources. Correct, combine, and transform your data with a few clicks only.

big data transformation and preparation in one dashboard

Data Serving

Download your processed data into CSV, JSON, and Excel immediately for feasible insights. But, wait! we can serve to your favourite data visualization tool too!

big data preparation process in data warehouse

Customized Deployment and Script

Simple yet powerful. A versatile scripting feature suitable for beginners, advanced, to power users.

big data preparation and transformation process dashboard

Automated Scheduling

Deliver significant results by instantly synchronizing your data sources' latest updates with a built-in scheduling module.

nodes in big data pipeline preparation solution dashboard
big data excavation learning and management solution ddl

Managing Your Data Better, Easier Than Ever.

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Delman Data Lab, big data warehouse solution in one flexible hybrid cloud ecosystem

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