Along with Mandala as our one stop Data Management Solution, we understand that every business is unique. This is why we also provide data consulting service, specifically for your business.

Reasons why choose Delman for services

Combination of best in class Software engineers, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists:

We at Delman believe that combining talents and experiences are a good match to deliver top-notch solutions.

We are here to help you in every step of the way:

As your one stop data solutions, we provide our best work for you to focus on your core business and leave your data management to Delman.

International and national partnerships:

We are trusted as a partner by several high profile companies nationally and internationally.

Types of service we do

We include a wide array of database type for your compability needs


Connect and unify your data from a combination of files, databases and apps, just with a few clicks.


Clean, combine, match and cluster your raw data with our powerful, built-in wizards, with little to no technical knowledge.


Smart data validation and monitoring for various business KPIs and deliverables - all in automated manners.

Interested in our product or services?

Send your email here and we will answer all your questions regardings of your interest in our product or services

We are a company located in Indonesia, specialized in data management. As a company we are providing a product and a consulting service

PT Delman Data Teknologi


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